What We Do

Project Forgive raises charitable donations to invest in companies, universities and high schools that are catalysts for transformation in leadership.

Created as a resource to support solving the world’s most pressing problems, The Project Forgive Foundation, is a 501c3 non-profit, non-religious and non-partisan organization committed to amplifying global leadership.

To tackle the most difficult decisions facing leaders (and our future leaders), we provide advanced leadership skills training through our core curriculum that focuses on diversity, integrity, collaboration, compassion and forgiveness in business. Our ideas are bold and fresh. It’s not often that you’ll see forgiveness as a characteristic for strong leadership.

For us, forgiveness is a bold leadership skill. When fostered in business and leadership environments, you cultivate greater loyalty, adventurous creativity, and increased productivity. Leaders make mistakes all the time. At least the good ones do.

In our curriculum, mistakes aren’t met with contempt, fear or harsh judgment, but rather with a solution-focused mentality of compassion, forgiveness, dignity and respect, ultimately taking solutions to higher levels of innovation.

Our mission is to infuse the world with heroic, decisive and compassionate leaders, ready to find solutions to the obstacles we face, fostering innovative problem solving.

We foster diverse inclusion, strong decision-making and authentic self-expression by providing no-cost and low-cost trainings through our vast online reach and in person trainings.

To find out how you can sponsor a training, access our programs or get involved with our mission, please contact us at 877.759.4599, or send an email to Hily@ShawneTV.com.