Leadership Development

The Project Forgive Foundation provides free and low-cost leadership development programs for university students.

Progressive companies see the value of investing in the professional development of our future leaders.

March 2015, The Global Workforce Leadership Survey captured the gap between priorities and expectations of HR leaders around the world and the workers they employ. Overall, the findings show that the biggest issues for powering future business growth in the changing economy are the differences in perspective around leadership, development and accessible online tools for ongoing development and collaboration.

Unfortunately, their efforts in developing the next generation of leaders are missing the mark:

~ Nearly half (46%) of companies said “leadership” was the skill hardest to find in employees and only 36% of employees listed “leadership” as a strength in their organizations

~ Of the companies polled, 39% offer leadership development programs, but only 15% of employees feel the training they receive is preparing them for the next position


“What’s concerning here is that, quite literally, the future leadership at some critical global organizations is at risk,” said Emily He, Chief Marketing Officer of Saba. “There’s more at play than the retirement of Baby Boomers; the fundamental approaches businesses take to find, develop and inspire leaders—at all levels—need to change.”

The survey also found:

1) there aren’t enough leaders worldwide

2) the leader of the future is not the leader of the past

3) companies either are not doing enough or don’t know what to do

4) forgiveness is the least understood leadership trait in the work place

5) Millennials want to learn and grow and they want it on a regular basis – like Netflix

6) Millennial are well prepared in their own eyes – but not in the companies that are hiring them – thus a huge gap in perception of skill levels

Overall, leadership development training:

– improves profit margins by up to 47%

– reduces employee turnover by up to 70%

– and increases overall productivity by 21%

(Source: Business 2 Community)


And finally, a high performing employee:

– can deliver 400% more productivity than the average performer

– and 2/3’s of high performers report that their bosses did not deliver on supporting them for formal training programs they highly desire

(source: Harvard Business Review)

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