Hundreds of thousands of our veterans are challenged by PTSD and re-entering civilian life, particularly in business. To support the unique needs of those who sacrificed for our country, Project Forgive launched a unique 9-month innovative program that provides leading-edge experiential training in business communication, management, marketing, and accelerated learning, customized specifically for Veteran-owned business owners.

You can help us give back to our veterans by participating as a corporate partner. Call our office at 1-877-759-4599.

A unique feature of our program includes integrating the story of the Veteran, the strengths they bring to their business while avoiding the pitfalls of victimization in business. This program is available to 1,500 Veterans through our national network of Veteran partnerships.

Veterans develop business relationships that focus on the mantra: “stop telling your story and start living your glory. ” In this program, they master how to leverage their discipline from Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine training, which delivers on “failure is not an option,” while including guerrilla business tactics that translate into business settings, as well as deepening business relationships.

From hiring and keeping Millennial’s, to sexual harassment prevention, to presenting a proposal and closing the deal, this customized interactive program leverages innovative communication, compelling leadership skills, and interactive training specifically designed to meet the customized needs of Veterans.

The customized monthly curriculum includes:

1) High-Pressure Communication: Unconscious Bias, Embracing Diversity, Courageous Conversations 

2) Leadership Communication: Advanced Presentation Skills to Close the Deal 

3) Internal Communication: Fostering and Understanding Intergenerational Workplaces 

4) Influence Marketing: Relationship Building for Sustainable Sales 

5) Advanced Marketing: Social Media Strategies 

6) Advanced Marketing: Broadcast and Live Media Skills for Growth 

Program materials are delivered in live 1/2 day sessions hosted for 6 months, with three month online follow-up sessions for sustainability. Research consistently shows that hands-on dedication with a supportive coach following experiential learning, accelerates success.

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