How to Respond When Your Kids say “I’m Bored.”

When you’re a parent, it’s inevitable you’ll hear the refrain “I’m bored.” So what do you say? Here are a couple of ways to deal with boredom. First and foremost ... our kids live their lives structured and managed. From school, sports events, birthday parties,...

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Japanese Artist Creates Animals From Stone

Stone artist Akie Nakata’s artwork is breathtaking. This Japanese artist has been collecting stones and rocks since she was a child and began her exquisite paintings in 2011. Akie finds animal-shaped stones that you can fit in the palm of your hand and begins the...

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New Study: The More you Hug your Kids, the Smarter They Get

Yes, hugs matter. The science behind hugging your child is vast. The benefits include emotional and physical resilience. Hugging also increases trust, reduces fear and impacts parent-child bonding. An often-hugged child equals a happier, healthier kid. And now?...

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7 Reasons To Motivate You To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You already know this, your body’s gotta get its rest. And yeah, at different points in our lives, it’s a struggle. Insomnia, restless leg syndrome, stress, and anxiety can all get in the way of getting your zzzz’s. This list (and advice), was put together to support...

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Diet Soda Raising Women’s Stroke Risk

Is diet soda stroke in a can? More bad news for diet soda lovers. If you’re a woman over 50, it may be time to reconsider popping open that diet drink. New research published in Stroke, a journal of the American Heart, association reveals women who are 50 years old...

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Nice Guys Finish Last is a Myth

How many times have you heard it? “Nice guys finish last.” Wrong. And new research points to the myth. As a matter of fact, nice guys tend to have longer marriages with more satisfaction, according to the latest and most comprehensive study on attracting and keeping a...

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Five Ways to Start Forgiving Your Parents

When it comes to forgiveness, parents just may be the toughest to forgive, especially if you have childhood trauma. But here’s the thing, no matter what your history is regarding your parents, you take those primary relationships into every single relationship...

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