Drinking Hot Tea is linked to Esophageal Cancer

Tea is good for you. Numerous studies cite the health benefits of regularly drinking tea. But a new study from the “International Journal of Cancer,” has found a link between really hot tea and cancer. The study was conducted over a 10-year period and found that those...

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8 Communication Phrases to Build Better Boundaries

Setting boundaries, especially with loved ones, is one of the hardest things to communicate in a relationship. We’ve built long-term patterns that in some cases, have been in place for years. To “retrain” the people around you as you heal and grow, well, it’s...

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Cats Really Do Respond to Their Names, Say Scientists

Does your cat really respond to his or her name? Research says yes. If you have a cat, this doesn’t surprise you at all. But it’s kind of interesting to know, right? Japanese scientists in the journal “Scientific Reports,” provided the first experimental evidence that...

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How to Respond When Your Kids say “I’m Bored.”

When you’re a parent, it’s inevitable you’ll hear the refrain “I’m bored.” So what do you say? Here are a couple of ways to deal with boredom. First and foremost ... our kids live their lives structured and managed. From school, sports events, birthday parties,...

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Japanese Artist Creates Animals From Stone

Stone artist Akie Nakata’s artwork is breathtaking. This Japanese artist has been collecting stones and rocks since she was a child and began her exquisite paintings in 2011. Akie finds animal-shaped stones that you can fit in the palm of your hand and begins the...

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New Study: The More you Hug your Kids, the Smarter They Get

Yes, hugs matter. The science behind hugging your child is vast. The benefits include emotional and physical resilience. Hugging also increases trust, reduces fear and impacts parent-child bonding. An often-hugged child equals a happier, healthier kid. And now?...

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