Does your cat really respond to his or her name? Research says yes.

If you have a cat, this doesn’t surprise you at all. But it’s kind of interesting to know, right?

Japanese scientists in the journal “Scientific Reports,” provided the first experimental evidence that your cat can distinguish words we say and discern human speech.

How fun.

The researchers’ experiment allowed cats to hear a recording of their owner’s voice saying their name, and then random nouns.

They found that the cats reacted to their names, such as moving their heads, ears or tails, but lost interest when their owners said random nouns.

The study attributes this reaction to the repetition of their names, followed by some sort of reward such as food or play.

Now, that doesn’t mean cats can be trained like dogs (which have been studied for years with a lot of evidence that dogs can learn hundreds of words).

The findings suggest, however, that our beloved cats can attach meaning to our words and learn to respond to our voices, specifically when we say their names.

So, overall, your cat really is paying attention to you and they’re learning from it.