Crowdfunding Campaigns: How to Fund Your Passion



Project Forgive launched when a little video on forgiveness went viral through Kickstarter.
The journey of raising more than $100,000 was filled with awe, excitement, fear, hard work, a
lot of mistakes and passion all rolled into one.
Founder Dr. Shawne Duperon gathered her team, to share this spectacular journey of raising money to get Project Forgive started.
Along the way we discovered beautiful strategies on raising money for your passion, mission, or
non-profit, and we wanted to share them with you.
Our successful launch created tens of thousands of views on our little five-minute video, garnering media coverage from CNN, Inc. Magazine, ABC, NBC, CBS, newspapers from across three continents, tens of thousands of emails and a social reach in the millions from across the globe.
Thanks to our progressive partners and philanthropic supporters, our tools here at Project Forgive are free. If inspired to donate, thank you for supporting our non-profit.