How to Forgive Yourself and Move On



We get it. It’s tough to forgive yourself sometimes.
Whatever your perceived offense, you blanket yourself in shame, guilt and pain, staying stuck in your self-inflicted suffering.
So how do you release that pain and stop beating yourself up all the time?
Contrary to popular belief, forgiveness is a journey and a skill. Rarely is there a magic answer to
end suffering..
Here’s what we discovered when you’re stuck:
Our old pain becomes like barnacles on a boat. It sticks to us and over time, becomes difficult to dislodge.
With that said, we created a 2 1/2 minute audio to help loosen that old pain and have you gain access to the freedom you deserve.
Narrated by our founder, Dr. Shawne Duperon, this short repetitive mediation-like mantra, will
start your journey to self forgiveness. It’s an innovative forgiveness practice that focuses on forgiving yourself for not feeling forgiving.
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