A supermarket in the Netherlands is responding to the disconnection in culture by honoring our elders.

Beautiful, yes?

The trend of letting customers scan their shopping items themselves and then pay at a self-service counter has an impact. We have less and less human interaction.

Welcome to advanced technology, which for some, means estrangement.

But at the Dutch Jumbo Supermarket in Vlijmen, the employees have a special lane called the “Chatter Checkout” to connect with customers. They also offer the “All Together Coffee Corner”, two initiatives that are going viral.

Research consistently shows that people are lonely and that more than 50% of people 55 years and older, experience loneliness.

The owner of the supermarket was touched and inspired to do something about the loneliness problem and created the initiatives.

The “Chatter Checkout” is the first of its kind. The special grocery lane is designed for people who would like to chat during checkout and aren’t in a rush. And the cashiers are happy to participate.

The “All Together Coffee Corner” is run by Volunteers from the Alles Voor Mekaar Foundation.

The Foundation, which is fully dependent on local volunteers, has been bringing volunteers and the lonely elderly together for more than a year. The volunteers also help out by doing other chores, such as shopping, lending a hand in the garden, etc.

The volunteers add they are making new friends, while deeply honoring our precious elders.