Yes, sending flowers to a dear friend, a sick relative, or even bringing home a bouquet for no reason to give your honey, can make you healthier.

According to some new research by the American Society for Horticulture Science, fresh flowers can ease your physical pain and lower feelings of anxiety.

For some of us, that makes perfect sense, eh?

The study focused on whether plants had therapeutic qualities for surgical patients. 90 patients were divided up. Half were exposed to flowers. The result? The patients surrounded by flowers experienced lower blood pressure; lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue; and reduced heart rates.

The results weren’t all physically based. The patients exposed to flowers reported higher positive emotions and higher overall satisfaction than those in rooms without blooms.

This study isn’t the only one to discover the benefits associated with plants and flowers. Numerous studies hail the positive health and mental health impacts of both indoor plants, flowers, and gardening in general.

The bottom line?

Take the initiative and buy yourself some blooms for a refreshing change. Flowers are another avenue for self-care to help boost your mood and your well-being.