The Apology

Project Forgive’s signature tool created by Dr. Shawne Duperon, “The Apology,” is changing lives globally.

This unique skill is practiced in corporations, non-profits, associations and universities all over the world.

The mastery of “The Apology” was shared at Comerica Bank’s Women’s Leadership Symposium and has reached tens of thousands in social media.

1) Write down a situation where you would like more peace and forgiveness.

2) If that person (or situation) had the ability to profoundly apologize for your pain, what would they say to you?
Write it out. Be as specific as possible for what you want to hear.

3) Read the apology out loud to yourself. Practice this tool consistently. You can also practice out loud with a trusted friend.

This tool was created by Dr. Shawne Duperon to provide more peace and forgiveness in your life.

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