Studies say bring the hand-sanitizer when you ride-share.

I’m a Lyft gal and safe rider. I double-check the driver, the car and the license plate every time I hop in.

Now? It may be time to bring out the hand-sanitizer, too.

A new study by Netquote says ride-share vehicles have more germs than a toilet seat.


The insurance company found that the average ride-share vehicle has 219 times more germs than the average taxi, which are generally cleaned regularly.

That’s nearly 3-times more germs than the average toothbrush holder (which I clean regularly, by the way), and a whopping 35,000 times germier than the run-of-the-mill toilet seat.

Double yikes.

The study didn’t explain why rideshare vehicles may contain more germs than the average taxi. But it did find the most common germs found were bacillus – which can cause infections and food poisoning, and cocci – which is linked to pneumonia, blood poisoning, and skin infections.

But think about it for a minute and it makes sense.

Lots of folks sat in the same seat you’re sitting in, they have pushed the window buttons thousands of times and have buckled in their seat belt over and over again.

So what can you do? Ride-share is part of our lives, right?

– First option? Sit in the front seat. Fewer people sit there, so fewer germs, right?

– Don’t touch the “common” places with bare hands. Use a Kleenex or napkin when touching window buttons or when you buckle in.

– And finally, create a mindset to wash your hands or use hand-sanitizer when leaving a ride-share vehicle.

The bottom line is germs make you sick and getting sick impacts your life.

Raising your awareness and being mindful of your overall health and well-being, brings more happiness. So, bring the hand-sanitizer and have a great ride.